How To Change iTunes Icon On Windows 7

Learning how to change iTunes icon on Windows 7 will help you customize you desktop. In Windows 7, the icons for iTunes are sometimes locked, and it can be difficult to change them whenever you want to. These steps will help you manage your iTunes icon more easily on Windows 7.

  1. If you have an iTunes icon on your task bar, you need to unpin it. You can do this by right clicking on the iTunes icon from the task bar and then select the "unpin this application” option.
  2. Download the icon. When doing so make sure it is in the “.ico” format to ensure that it will be compatible with your computer program to work well. Save the iTunes icon in a separate folder specifically only for iTunes files for easy reference. You can find the iTunes icon from the Program Files (X86) if you installed the 64 bit version of iTunes by going to the start menu and enter drive C where you can find the Program file.
  3. Create a shortcut iTunes icon on your desktop. Look for the application for iTunes from the Program files then click on “create shortcut” for the shortcut icon for iTunes to show up on the desktop.
  4. You may change the iTunes icon from the desktop at this point. Right click on the shortcut icon for iTunes from the desktop and then go to properties to browse and locate where you saved the icon files for iTunes and click on the “change icon” tab.
  5. If the old iTunes icon shows up after rebooting your computer, delete the existing icon from the desktop. Then go to the Program file folder and look for the icon files you saved there. Right click on itunes.exe and a new window will appear. Then choose from the options of iTunes icons available that you want to replace the old one and copy it then paste on the desktop to create a new shortcut iTunes icon.



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