How To Change iTunes Icon On Windows

Do you want to know how to change the iTunes icon on Windows? You can customize the look of all of the icons on your desktop including that for iTunes. Follow these steps to change the iTunes icon on your Windows XP desktop:

  1. First, create a folder for the icon you want to use inside the My Documents folder. When the folder is open, right click with your mouse and click on New Folder. Then, name the folder My Icons. Place the icon you would like to use for iTunes inside this folder. You can copy and paste the icon, or drag and drop it into the folder.
  2. Next, go onto your desktop and right click on the iTunes shortcut icon. Select Properties, then, on the Shortcut tab, click Change Icon.
  3. In the Change Icon box that appears, click on Browse. Then, navigate to the icon you want to use for iTunes, which you previously placed in the My Icons folder under My Documents.
  4. Highlight the icon and then click open. Click on Okay, then Okay again to change your iTunes icon on Windows.
  5. Go back to your desktop and find your iTunes shortcut. The icon should be changed to the new icon you selected.
  6. To make sure that your new icon for iTunes stays changed, save it as a theme. Click on Start, then Control Panel. Select Appearances and Themes, then Change the computer's theme. On the Display Properties box that appears, click Save As, then enter a new name for your theme and click Save.



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