How To Change A Keg

If you are having a party and renting a beer keg, it would be a good idea for you to learn how to change a keg. A beer keg holds 15.5 gallons of beer, enough beer for a good amount of guests. Eventually, your keg will run dry and you will need to change the keg. It would be a good idea to learn how to change a keg before you are in the middle of your party.

To change a keg, you will need:

  • A beer keg
  • The beer tap or pump
  • A friend to help move the full keg of beer
  1. Your beer keg is empty and it is time for you to change the keg. Press down firmly on the beer tap. Hold the tap tightly and turn it counter clockwise. As you turn the beer tap, it is going to rotate in the top of the keg. Eventually, you will finish turning the tap and will be able to pull it out of the keg. Pull the tap up and out of the empty keg.
  2. Remove the empty keg and set it to the side. After your party is finished, you will return it to the liquor store where you bought the keg. They will return your deposit. Right now, you are at your party and are in the process of changing your keg. Keep your attention on changing the keg. Your guests are thirsty.
  3. Have somebody help you bring the next keg over to replace the empty keg. Remove the small top from the new beer keg. The small top is made of plastic and you can throw it away. The plastic top is on the top of the keg to protect it from the elements. Once it is removed, you are ready to tap the new keg of beer.
  4. Turn the tap into the top of the keg, where you removed the plastic. Turn the tap clockwise and into the keg of beer. Eventually, you will no longer be able to turn the tap. This means you have finished the process of securing the tap.
  5. Pump the handle of the tap a few times and fill a few cups up with the foamy beer. The first few cups will be mostly all foam. Get rid of the foam. Eventually, you will reach the real beer. It should only take a few moments of pumping the handle of the tap. When the beer is flowing, you have completely finished changing a keg. Now you know how to change a keg! Your guests will be happy and your party can go on.


  • Always fully secure the tap in the keg before pumping the beer.
  • Learn how to change a keg before your party.
  • Do not shake a keg too much. The more you shake a keg, the more foam you will have to throw away.
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