How To Change Key Switch On 81 250 Yamaha Motorcycle

Your ignition switch has gotten damaged and you want to know how to change the key switch on 81 250 Yamaha motorcycle. Yamaha bikes have become very popular, and more and more people have been purchasing them. The appeal for these bikes has gotten so great that it has resulted in a lot of thefts attempting to steal the bikes. A lot of times parts on the bike can get damaged on the bike, including the key switch ignition. This usually occurs with an attempt to hotwire the bike with a screwdriver or some other tool. Whatever the reason that you need to change your key switch on your 81 250 Yamaha motorcycle, with the right tools this is a task that you can do yourself.

To change a key switch on a 81 250 Yamaha motorcycle you need:

  • replacement ignition and bolts
  • bolt extractor
  • electric frill
  • socket wrench set
  • 32mm hex head socket
  • Allen and Hex head socket set
  • screwdriver
  1. Disconnect the battery. Make sure to park the bike on a smooth, even surface, and remove the rider's seat. Disconnect the battery starting out first with the negative terminal wire and then disconnect the positive terminal wire.
  2. Remove bolts, washers, and nuts. Loosen the two Allen head pinch bolts that secure the large bracket directly above the handlebars, know as the upper triple tree, to the front forks. Remove the 32 mm nut and washer that secures the upper triple tree to the steering stem. Once you remove this nut and washer you can now pull the upper triple tree up and lift if off of the forks and stem of your 81 250 Yamaha motorcycle.
  3. Remove the key switch. Locate the connector by flowing the wiring on the ignition switch until it leads you to the connector. Disconnect the connector by separating the ignition switch from the wiring harness. Carefully remove the entire upper triple tree and key switch from the 81 250 Yamaha motorcycle.
  4. Separate the key switch from the upper triple clamp. Locate the two bolts that secure the ignition switch to underneath the triple tree. These bolts will be located on the triple tree and ignition switch that you just removed from the bike. Remove any additional bolts and pull the ignition switch key apart from the triple clamp.  
  5. Install and attach the key switch. Install the new key switch on the 81 250 Yamaha motorcycle in the mounting hole located on the upper triple tree, and then tighten into place. Attach the key switch ignition wiring to the motorcycle's wiring harness, and then carefully slide the upper triple tree onto the steering stem and the fork tubes.
  6. Finish the instillation. Put all of the washers and bolts back on the 81 250 Yamaha motorcycle, securely into place. Reconnect the battery starting with the positive terminal and then the negative terminal. Replace to rider's seat, and you are finished.
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