How To Change A Laptop Motherboard

It is not as hard as you might think to learn how to change a laptop motherboard. The motherboard is a crucial part of a laptop because everything thing inside is connected to it. If the motherboard goes bad then nothing will work. Fixing a computer can be fun and you will get a great accomplishment from it. The steps below will show you how to change the laptop motherboard.

  1. One of the most challenging parts of changing a laptop motherboard is to find the motherboard. Online auctions and retailers stock replacement parts for computers. You should be able to find the motherboard that is right for your laptop.
  2. Find the instruction manual that came with your laptop. This will give you specific instructions on removing the components you need to remove before you can replace the motherboard.
  3. Clear some space. You need plenty of space to change the motherboard because you will have a lot of small screws lying around. Be sure not to get the screws mixed up.
  4. Disconnect the laptop from its power card. You also need to remove the battery.  To remove the battery from the battery bay unlock the battery lock and slide to release the battery pack.
  5. Remove the hard drive. Remove two M2.5×5 screws to release the door. Pull the tab to remove the drive.
  6. Remove the Optical Drive.  You will only need to remove one M2.5×8 screw to slide the optical drive from the bay. If the drive does not have a screw attaching it then just slide it out.
  7. Place the laptop upside down (lid side down). Wear a wrist grounding strap or touch an unpainted metal surface from time to time. This will expel the static electricity from your body. Close the lid of the laptop and place it upside-down on a clean work surface. Have your manual ready to know of the locations of the components we are going to remove.
  8. Make sure the area is dust and static free. Clear a spot away from the laptop to put the screws. Be sure not to get them mixed up.
  9. Take out the screws that secure the hard drive. Set them aside.
  10. Remove the screws that secure the optical drive. Set aside.
  11. Find the memory access cover and unscrew it. Set aside. You will see clips holding the memory cards in place. Loosen the clips and lift out each memory stick.
  12. Disconnect the antenna lead from the wireless card if there is one. You need to release the clips that secure the card and remove it.
  13. Open the processor access door. There may not be one. If it is removable and the new motherboard did not come with your new motherboard then remove it.
  14. Open the laptop. Start by removing all of the screws in the bottom that hold the case together. These screws are very small so be careful that you don’t strip them. Be sure to use a screwdriver that is the correct size. Set these screws aside. Remember to keep everything in order to be sure you know what goes where when you start putting the laptop back together.
  15. Open the case very carefully. You may have missed a screw or two so be sure not to force it open.
  16. As you are removing the lid, etc. take note where everything goes. Now that you have learned how to change the motherboard you don’t want any problems when you put it back together.
  17. Very carefully disconnect the wires that are connected to the motherboard. Next unplug any cards that are not built directly into the motherboard (such as the video card).
  18. Find the mounting screws for the motherboard and unscrew them. Carefully remove the motherboard.
  19. Put the new motherboard in place and screw in. To reassemble the laptop do the steps above in reverse order.

Doesn’t it feel great that you have learned how to change a laptop motherboard? You should have some satisfaction that you did the repair and now you have a working laptop.

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