How To Change An LCD Screen On An IPod

The iPod is a precious commodity, which is exactly why you may need to know how to change an LCD screen on an iPod. Regardless of how the screen became broken, it can be costly and timely to have it replaced. Sometimes the best option is to change an LCD screen on an iPod at home. The replacement LCD screen can be purchased online with the exact part number depending on the model of iPod. Not many tools are required to change an LCD screen on an iPod, however a steady hand will be important.

What is necessary:

  • Replacement LCD Screen
  • A prying tool (anything with a flat, thin edge, such as a small flathead screwdriver
  1. Power down the iPod. Ensure that the iPod is completely powered off.
  2. Open the iPod case. This is done using the pry tool or a small screw driver. Carefully work the tool around the edges of the iPod case, lifting each section little by little. Ensure that you do not scrape or damage the iPod with a sharp tool.
  3. Lift the iPod LCD screen. Gently lift the iPod LCD screen from the case. An iPod LCD screen is connected to the main board using a single ribbon cable, be careful not to damage this cable. On most iPod models including the iPod Touch, the LCD screen is not fastened to the case with anything.
  4. Disconnect the ribbon cable. Gently disconnect the ribbon cable from the LCD screen. The easiest way to remove this cable is with the tip of a small flat-head screwdriver. Do not use sharp objects to remove the ribbon cable.
  5. Connect the new LCD screen. Connect the ribbon cable to the back of the new LCD screen. Gently lay the LCD screen on the case of the iPod where the prior LCD screen was located.
  6. Close the iPod case. Press the iPod case shut by laying it over the back casing. Gentle press around the edges, sealing the iPod. You may need to move the iPod screen slightly to close the case.
  7. Power on the iPod. Turn the power on to test the new LCD screen on your iPod.


If the screen is blank, try opening the case back up and check the ribbon cable. If it is not securely connected the screen will not function.

If the screen is displaying video in an unusual fashion or with random bars and lines, check the ribbon cable. It may be improperly connected or damaged.

Locating an LCD screen for an iPod is easiest online; many online retailers have direct Apple replacements.

Avoid purchasing third-party (non Apple) screens for an iPod; they may not function properly.

This method will work for the iPod Touch and iPod Video.

IPod case tools (also called pry tools) are available at many online retailers, however they may be hard to find in stores.

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