How To Change A Magic Chef Stove To Propane

Due to reasons like availability of resources or cooking efficiency many owners have asked to know how to change a magic chef stove to propane. To convert the magic chef stove to propane requires changes in the orifice hoods, burner air shutters and pressure regulator converter cap adjustment. The materials you need are available at your product supplier.

What you need to change a Magic Chef Stove to propane:

  • Burner wrench
  • Propane gas burner assembly
  1. Rotate the burner assembly counter-clockwise by using a burner wrench to lift the main top of the stove. Make sure that the ignitor is positioned in between the gap of the wrench ring.
  2. Tighten the burner’s orifice hood. Use a ½ inch deep well socket to do this. Turn it clockwise about two times to make sure that it is closed.
  3. Replace the burner assembly on the stove. Make sure that it is tightened.
  4. Rotate the burner assembly main top about 1/8" clockwise using the burner wrench again. The ignitor should end up facing rearward.
  5. For stove ranges, you may use ½ inches open end wrench to do the tightening of the orifice hood. Around two complete turns clockwise.
  6. Adjust the air shutter. Make sure that it is in the widest opening.
  7. To convert the pressure regulator, there are three kinds and three ways to do it. First, if your regulator has a converter cap, flip the cap to display the LP or propane gas and reinstall it again. If your regulator has a cap nut, remove the cap nut’s plastic dust cover which comes off with the nut, replace it and reinstall is again. Or if your regulator is square shaped with bolts, you just need to remove the cap and take out the plunger at the bottom of the cap then turn the plunger over and put it back again.

Tips/Warnings: Propane gas conversion usually comes with your user manual, be sure to check it first before doing the above steps. Sealed stove burners should be adjusted with the pot over the burners. Make sure that the gas is turned off before starting with the conversion. If the burner flame is yellow, open the air shutter until it becomes blue.

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