How To Change Motorcycle Tires Without Stands

Here are instructions for how to change motorcycle tires without stands. While it may sound like a complicated endeavor, in reality it can be refreshingly simple.  This may not work for all makes and models of motorcycles, but it should work on most.

Items needed:

  • Rope
  • Motorcycle
  • Rafter, tree, something to support the weight of the motorcycle
  • Tape measure
  1.  Determine the location you are going to use as a support. The most frequently used location is a garage with visible rafters. In the heat of summer, using a tree limb for a support can be a little cooler than a garage that does not have Air Conditioning.
  2.  Find a secure tie off point. This will be where you tie off the rope after the motorcycle is lifted for the tire change.
  3. Measure the distance from rafter to floor and rafter to tie off point. Add these two distances together and add three feet to that. The sum of these distances is how long the first length of rope needs to be.
  4. Cut the first length of rope.
  5. Cut two four foot lengths of rope.
  6. Tie one length of rope to each motorcycle handle.
  7. Tie the rope ends together over the center of the bike to distribute the weight evenly.
  8. Tie the rope that was thrown over the rafter to the rope that is attached to the handle bars.
  9. Pull on rope to lift motorcycle up high enough to change the tire.
  10. Change the tire.
  11. Slowly lower the bike to the ground. Remove all rope and take it out for a test drive.

To change the rear tire, repeat steps one through six. On step seven, you will tie the rope to the frame above the rear tire. Continue with step eight.


  • Always try to have a friend present to prevent injuries or to go for help if needed.
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