How To Change Name On iPod Nano

If you bought a used iPod nano or someone has given you one, you may want to learn how to change the name on the iPod Nano. The name of the iPod Nano won't affect the performance or data, but it's very handy to have a personalized name, if only so you can recognize it easier. Here's how to change the name on your iPod Nano:

  1. Check the Name of the iPod Nano. There are two ways to do this. First, you can turn the iPod Nano on and click the "Menu" button until you get to the main menu. Scroll down to "Settings" and click the "About" tab. You may also notice the iPod Nano's name in the right column. It will appear in white, above the Apple logo.
  2. Connect iPod Nano to Computer. The second way to check the name of your iPod Nano is to plug it into a computer with the iPod USB charger. Plug the small end into the corresponding slot on your computer and the bigger end into your iPod Nano. You will have to do this to change the name of your iPod Nano, too.
  3. Open iTunes. When your iPod Nano is connected to the computer, open the iTunes program. In the left column, under the "Devices" tab, you should see the iPod Nano, whatever its name may be. If you don't, make sure the iPod Nano is properly connected.
  4. Click the iPod Nano's Name. To change the name on the iPod Nano, just click the text area of the name under the "Devices" tab. This will allow you to change the name.

Changing the name of your iPod Nano isn't necessary, but it can definitely be a nice feature to keep your Nano apart from others.



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