How To Change A Nose Ring

Learning how to change a nose ring correctly can save you time, effort, and even a little pain. After you get your nose pierced, you should wait at least five to six weeks to change it. Granted, many people attempt to change a nose ring long before then. However, waiting until the piercing is healed completely will make this process much easier and will lower your chances of rejecting the jewelry. Here's how to get started.

  1. New Jewelry Make sure you know the correct gauge of your piercing. If you're not sure, ask the person who performed it. Find the highest quality jewelry you can afford if you are going to change a nose ring; cheaper metals can irritate your skin or even turn green. When in doubt, go with surgical-grade steel.
  2. Remove old Jewelry Drop a few drops of clean water onto the surface of your nose, and rub a wet cotton bud on the inside of your nose. The jewelry will slide out much easier if it's wet. Gently insert your finger into your nose, and push up on the end of the jewelry. Once the jewelry begins to lift up off the surface of the nose, grab the jewelry with your other hand and pull it out. Drop it into a small container of rubbing alcohol to sanitize it before you put it away before you change a nose ring.
  3. Insert new Jewelry – Clean the new jewelry with rubbing alcohol before inserting it to change a nose ring. Gently align the end of the jewelry to the hole, and press down slowly. Once it breaks through the top of the piercing, grab the bottom from inside your nose and pull it through.

Now that you know the technique to change a nose ring, you will be able to do it easily and quickly. Like all things, this just takes practice before you get better at it. Be patient, and never force your jewelry through your nose if there is resistance. Take your time.

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