How To Change Oil In 2007 Mercedes Benz

You want to know how to change the oil in your 2007 Mercedes Benz. You are tired of paying somebody else three hundred dollars to change your oil. The economy is not good and you are trying to save money any way you can save it. Changing the oil on your 2007, Mercedes Benz is a simple thing to do.

You will need the following:

  • Socket set
  • Car manual
  • New oil
  • New filter
  • Leather work gloves
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Oil pan
  • Bucket to dispose of old motor oil
  • Shop rags
  • funnel


  1. Drive to the motor parts store to buy a new filter and oil for your 2007 Mercedes Benz. Drive home and park your car in your driveway. Jack your 2007 Mercedes up and place the jack stands under your front tires. Do not let the car cool down.
  2. Place the leather gloves on your hands.  Pull the oil dipstick out of your Mercedes. Take off the oil cap. Grab your oil pan, socket set, and move under your 2007 Mercedes Benz.
  3. Take the back part of the engine cover off your car using your socket set. Set it to the side. Take the oil pan and place it under the oil plug. Take the oil plug out of your 2007 Mercedes Benz and let the oil flow out of the car and into the oil pan.
  4. Take off the oil filter, empty oil filter housing, and replace it with new oil filter housing. Replace the oil filter on your 2007 Mercedes Benz. Allow the oil to drain out of your Mercedes Benz until it stops dripping. Replace the oil plug and wipe off the excess oil with a shop rag. Replace the engine cover and take the oil pan filled with old oil out from under your car. Take the old oil and pour it into the bucket using a funnel.
  5. Jack up your car and remove the jack stands. Jack your car back down, put the jack and jack stands away. Put your tools away.
  6. Take your new oil and pour it into the engine. Check your 2007 Mercedes manual for type of oil and the amount of oil you need for your particular car. Fill the engine with the new oil. Replace the oil cap and the engine dipstick. Start your car for five minutes. Check the level of your oil. Wipe any oil away from your engine you may have spilled.
  7. Reset the service engine light on your 2007 Mercedes Benz. Dispose of oil properly. Drive your 2007 Mercedes Benz normally.

Tips: Wear leather gloves when working on your 2007 Mercedes Benz. The engine oil needs to be hot when you change it. Dispose of engine oil properly. Check your car manual for oil specifications. Use jack stands for safety purposes. Good idea to use Mobil 1 OW-40 motor oil

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