How To Change Oil In E-Z-GO Golf Carts

If you plan on making your golf cart last as long as possible, you need to know how to change the oil in E-Z-GO golf carts. The oil lubricates the engine's parts so they are not damaged while the engine operates. While the engine is in use the oil begins to break down and becomes less effective until it finally needs to be drained and replaced. The oil in golf carts needs to be changed after every 125 hours of use or every six months, whichever comes first. Carefully follow the instructions for changing the oil in E-Z-GO golf carts so you don't damage the golf cart.

Things you'll need:

  • 10W30 oil
  • Wrench
  • Catch pan
  • Shop degreaser
  • Small brush
  • Cloth
  1. Run the engine until it is warm. Park the E-Z-GO golf cart on a level surface. Turn off the golf cart and remove the key.
  2. Remove the oil cap located on top of the engine. Clean the cap if it is dirty.
  3. Undo the three bolts that hold the oil filter in place and remove the oil filter. The oil filter is located on the side of the engine. When you remove the oil filter a small "O" ring may also come off. Do not lose this ring. Have a pan ready to catch the oil as it drains out.
  4. Clean the oil filter using shop degreaser and a small brush. You can also blow compressed air (30 pounds per square inch) on the filter to clean it.
  5. Place the "O" ring and the filter back in place. Tighten the three bolts to secure the filter in place.
  6. Pour about 1 1/4 quarts of 10W30 oil into the hole at the top of the engine. Put the cap back in place when you are done.
  7. Run the engine for about two minutes. Check for leaks while the engine is running.
  8. Remove the oil cap and pour more oil in. Continue to pour the oil until the oil level on the dipstick reads in the safe operating range. Give the oil a few seconds to get to the bottom of the engine before you check the dipstick. Do not overfill the oil.
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