How To Change Oil Filter For Toyota 2010

Want to know how to change the oil filter on a 2010 Toyota? In 2009 Toyota changed their oil filters on all of their cars. The new oil filters are different. The new oil filters work better and are moderately easy to change. The new filter is a cartridge filter. This means the cartridge goes into the housing. The housing stays on your car. With older model Toyotas you always removed the housing, but not anymore.

Things you'll need:

  • Oil filter wrench that fits the new filter size
  • New oil filters
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands (optional)
  • Oil pan
  • Pliers
  1. Go to your local auto parts store and buy a new oil filter. Make sure you buy the new oil filter wrench that fits your car. The auto parts store will have your new oil filter in stock because Toyota changed their oil filters in 2009. If the auto parts store does not have the parts, go to your local Toyota dealership. Pick up the oil because you will be changing the oil as you change the oil filter.
  2. Drive home and park your car in your driveway. Take your floor jack and jack your car up. You have to jack the car up high enough to allow you to get under the car.
  3. Let the car cool down and go under the car. Some people use jack stands to change the oil for safety. You do not have to use jack stands unless you want to. Jack stands are recommended for safety, but not entirely necessary.
  4. There is a safety fin in front of your oil filter. Remove this pin. Place the pin in your pocket so you will not lose it. Take the oil filter wrench and loosen the oil filter housing. Remove the oil filter housing. Make sure you put the oil pan on the ground to catch any oil spillage.
  5. Take the oil filter cartridge out of the oil filter housing. Take out the O-ring. Clean the old oil off the oil filter cartridge and your car.
  6. Take the new oil filter cartridge and put it in the oil filter housing. Take the new O-ring, place new oil around the rim with your finger and place it into the oil filter housing. The new oil filter goes in the same way you removed the old oil filter housing. Hand screw the oil filter cartridge back into your car. Tighten the oil filter cartridge. Take the safety pin out of your pocket and replace it.
  7. Change your oil and let the car down. Remove the jack stands if you used them. Clean up any messes.


  • Change your oil every 5,000 miles (10,000 on some models) with the new filter.
  • Clean up all oil spills.
  • Dispose of oil in an environmentally safe manner.
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