How To Change The Oil On A Yamaha Motorcycle

Need to know how to change the oil on a Yamaha motorcycle? Changing the oil on a Yamaha motorcycle is an easy job. Changing your motorcycle's oil will take a few minutes of your time and will keep your Yamaha motorcycle running smoothly.

To change the oil on a Yamaha motorcycle, you will need:

  • New oil
  • A new oil filter
  • A wrench
  • A bucket for the old oil
  • Shop rags to clean up any mess
  • Your Yamaha motorcycle manual
  • A funnel
  1. Go to a motorcycle shop or auto parts store and pick up a new oil filter and three quarts of oil. You will have to buy the correct replacement oil filter for your Yamaha motorcycle.
  2. Drive your Yamaha motorcycle home and park it on a level area of your driveway. Put the kickstand down and allow your motorcycle time to cool down. Get your wrench, bucket and rags ready for the oil change.
  3. Take the bucket and position it under the engine of your Yamaha motorcycle. Position the bucket directly under the oil drain plug. Take your wrench and loosen the drain plug. Take the drain plug out with your hand and wipe the oil off the drain plug. Make sure the oil is draining into the bucket. Let the oil continue draining until it stops dripping. Set your oil bucket aside and replace the drain plug in your Yamaha motorcycle.
  4. Now it is time to take the oil filter off your Yamaha motorcycle. Place the oil bucket under the oil filter. Unscrew the oil filter with your hand. Take the old oil filter off your Yamaha motorcycle. Let the old oil drain into the oil bucket. Dump the old oil out of the oil filter and into the oil bucket. Clean up your mess and set the oil bucket off to the side.
  5. Take the new oil and rub it around the rim of the oil filter. Pour some new oil into the new oil filter. Screw the new oil filter into your Yamaha motorcycle. Tighten the filter with your hand. The oil will seal the filter onto your bike.
  6. Take the oil dipstick out of your motorcycle. Pour the correct amount of oil into your motorcycle using the funnel. Your Yamaha motorcycle owner’s manual will tell you the precise amount of oil to add to your motorcycle. Put the dipstick back into your Yamaha motorcycle.
  7. Dispose of all old motor oil properly. Put all your tools away. Throw away the old oil filter after you allow it to drip drain into the oil bucket. Take your Yamaha motorcycle for a spin.
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