How To Change Power Steering Belt On Toyota Echo

If the power steering belt on your Toyota Echo is old, worn or snapped, here are steps to guide you how to change the power steering belt on a Toyota Echo. Although this description includes instructions for use of a jack, a car lift is recommended. Do attempt dangerous modifications to your vehicle while alone.

Things you'll need:

  • A jack or car lift
  • A socket wrench set (metric)
  • Penetrating fluid
  • Goggles
  1. Put the vehicle in park and apply the handbrake. Jack the car up or hoist it using a ramp. To change the power steering belt you need to work from underneath the car, so make sure you have eye protection and sufficient space to work in.
  2. If you cannot get your hands in the small space to reach the power steering pump bolt, you can remove the plastic cowling to gain access. There are five by ten millimeter bolts you need to remove the cowling. After that, you should be able to see the power steering pump bolt, which removes the pump from the engine.
  3. Remove the bolt. This will allow you to remove the twelve millimeter bolt which keeps the belt on for the alternator and air conditioning. A fourteen millimeter socket and breaker bar will be needed to loosen the power steering pump. Access to the bolt can be difficult, but by turning the wheels slightly you can have more space to work in.
  4. The pump can be removed easily if the bolt is not rusted (some penetrating fluid will help). Refit the parts you have removed and fit the new belt. You need to torque up the bolts according to Toyota's recommended settings and make sure the power steering belt is tight (but not too tight). A two millimeter deflection is usually about right.
  5. The whole job takes around one hour to complete, but the process should not be rushed. Making sure you have torqued the bolts correctly and the belts are tight enough. Now you can lower the car and start it. Turn the steering wheel from lock to lock. If there are any screeching noises, the belt needs to be readjusted.
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