How To Change Power Steering Fluid On A Honda Accord

You want to know how to change power steering fluid on a Honda Accord. Changing the power steering fluid on a Honda Accord is easy. If you change the power steering fluid on a Honda Accord, it is important to realize that the power steering pump cannot be operated without the power steering fluid. If you operate the power steering pump without power steering fluid, you will destroy the pump.

Things You Will Need:

  • Turkey Baster
  • Power steering fluid
  • Container for old power steering fluid
  • Shop rags
  1. Go to the auto parts store and buy your power steering fluid. It is important to buy the correct type of power steering fluid for your Honda Accord. Ask the store employee to tell you the correct type of power steering fluid to buy for your car.
  2. Buy a turkey baster. You could buy an automotive pump (hand pump) designed to take fluids out of your car. Either one is fine, but the turkey baster is easier to find.
  3. Drive home and park your Honda Accord in your driveway. Let your car cool down. Find a small container to hold the old power steering fluid. Find an old shop rag to clean up your mess. Open the hood of your Honda Accord and hold it up with the safety arm.
  4. Find the power steering reservoir for your Honda Accord. Open up the cap and look at the power steering fluid. Sometimes the power steering fluid gets dirty or too thick. This is from being in the Honda Accord for years without being changed. Clean and new power steering fluid should take away any noises you may be hearing when you try to turn the steering wheel of your car.
  5. Take your turkey baster, push the air out of it and put it into the power steering reservoir of your Honda Accord. Let go of the squeezer and the turkey baster will suck the power steering fluid out of your car. Take the power steering fluid and squeeze it into the waste container. Do this process until the power steering reservoir is empty. When the power steering reservoir is empty, put the lid on your waste container. Clean off the turkey baster and set it aside.
  6. Take the new Honda power steering fluid and refill the power steering reservoir to the appropriate level. The dipstick or (the reservoir itself) will tell you when the power steering reservoir is full. Place the lid on the power steering reservoir.
  7. Start your car. Turn your steering wheel to the left and then to the right. The wheel should turn smoothly and have no noise. Put the hood of your Honda Accord down and drive your car normally.


The power steering pump is sensitive on a Honda Accord, so be aware of this.

Use the correct power steering fluid for your Honda Accord.

Clean up your mess and dispose of old power steering fluid properly.

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