How To Change Proxy Settings On Firefox


If you are an avid fan of Internet privacy and prefer to make yourself untraceable while browsing the World Wide Web, then knowing how to change proxy settings on Firefox is an invaluable skill to have. All World Wide Web pages are run by web servers which inherently have the ability to track your Internet address, your web browser type, and other pieces of information that could expose your identity. Internet proxies mask your location and identity, making it look like someone else other than you is browsing a website. This guide will show you how easy it is to change proxy settings on Firefox and hide yourself from nosey web servers.


  1. Update to the latest version of Firefox. If you have Mozilla Firefox already installed, click on the Help menu and then “Check for Updates”. If you can update from within Firefox it will ask you to restart the browser once it is done. Otherwise you can go to Firefox's website to download the installer for the latest version. In this case, close out the browser and run the installation program.

  2. Obtain the information for your new proxy settings. You will want the Internet protocol (IP) address and the port number for your proxy. It will usually come in the format of aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:zzzz and it will be all numbers.

  3. Go to the Advanced Preferences tab. Click on the Edit menu in Firefox's main window and then go to the Preferences menu item. Then click on the Advanced tab under Preferences. In that window you will see the word “Connection” in bold, directly under the tabs. To the right will be the “Settings” button. Click on that button. You should now be in a window with the words “Configure Proxies to Access the Internet” in bold.

  4. Configure your new proxy settings. If you are changing your settings to run with no proxy, click the “No proxy” radio button. If you have your own proxy information at hand (the proxy's IP address and port), then click on the “Manual proxy configuration” radio button and put this information under “HTTP Proxy:”. If your proxy is working then you should be able to browse the Internet at this point.



Information on how to change proxy settings on Firefox

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