How To Change PS3 Online ID

Need to know how to change your PS3 online id? When choosing a PS3 online screen name, be sure select something you can live with because it's permanent, though there are ways to get a new one. When you first sign-up for a PS3 online screen name, think long and hard because if you decide to change it later, you'll lose all the progress associated with your account.

If you're stuck with a PlayStation Network online ID that you need to change, read through the information below to learn what your options are when you're unhappy with your PS3 online ID.

  1. Create a brand new PlayStation Network Master Account. Unfortunately, PlayStation's Knowledge Center states that PS3 IDs are permanent and cannot be changed. If you want a different PS3 ID, you will need to sign up with a brand new PlayStation Network account. When you sign up for the new one, you'll need to use different e-mail address because the original Master Account can't be deleted. Be aware that the online achievements, trophies and ranks that you earned online will not be transferred to the new account.
  2. Create a Sub Account. You can leave your original PS3 ID as it is and sign up for a sub account using a different screen name. This can be done on the PS3 console, on a PSP or online at By creating a new sub account, you'll be able to create a new Online ID. However, you still won't be able to transfer your prior game achievements and your Master Account will remain the same.
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