How To Change The Radiator On A Ford F-150

You have a damaged radiator and need to know how to change the radiator on a Ford F-150? The radiator is what keeps the engine cool while it is running by pumping cooling fluid throughout the engine. If your Ford F-150 starts to over heat and is unable to stay cool, then you need to replace your radiator. Replacing your own radiator will save you a lot of money compared to if you went to a dealership. You can follow the step bellow to learn how to change the radiator on your Ford F-150.

To change the radiator on a Ford F-150 you will need:

  • new radiator
  • screwdriver
  • drip pan
  • ratchet set
  • distilled water
  • engine coolant
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cables. Next locate the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator. Place a drip pan under the plug and use a racket to remove the drain plug. Allow the fluid to drain completely from the radiator on your Ford F-150.
  2. Remove the fan. Remove the bolts that connect the fan to the front of the radiator. Disconnect the upper and lower fluid cooler fittings. Remove the front air deflector by unscrewing the screws on the front of the air detector. Using a wrench to remove the transmission lines along with the brackets and the upper radiator hose.
  3. Remove the radiator from the Ford F-150. To remove the radiator, disconnect the lower radiator hose and then the radiator securing brackets. Lift the radiator up and out of the engine compartment.
  4. Replace the new radiator. Put the new radiator into the engine compartment. Replace and tighten any bolts that you removed. Connect and tighten the lower radiator hose with a screwdriver. Reinstall the fan on your Ford F-150.
  5. Fill up the radiator with fluid. Use half engine coolant and half distilled water to fill the new radiator. Replace the radiator cap, reconnect the battery cables, and then start the engine. Allow the radiator to run for a while to allow the fluids to flow throughout the radiator system.



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