How To Change A Relic Watch Battery

Relic watches, manufactured by Fossil, are equipped with pressure sealed cases and knowing how to change a Relic watch battery is vital in reassuring the watch retains optimal performance. The Relic watch battery is replaceable when using the right tools and with patience, but some models may require a trip to a jeweler or retailer.

To change a Relic watch battery, you will need:

  • Case Wrench
  • Case Opening Knife
  • Spring Bar Tool
  • Fine-Point Plastic Tweezers
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Fiberglass Scratch Brush
  • Towel (for padding)
  • Replacement Watch Battery
  1. Place watch down on padded surface with case back facing upwards. Using a towel, fold the towel several times to make a square shape for padding. This will prevent scratches from occurring to the face of the watch while changing the Relic watch battery cover.

  2. Secure watch and remove case back. Take one hand and firmly grasp the watch to prevent movement. Use the open hand to hold the case wrench tool and line up pins into the notches of the case. Turn tool counterclockwise to loosen the back of the case. Once loosened, the case wrench is no longer required to remove the Relic watch battery cover; finish removing the case by hand. To remove case back, insert case opening knife just under case back and place finger on top and lift.

  3. Remove battery with tweezers. If a spring bar is present, use the spring bar tool to remove the spring bar to gain access to battery. Use tweezers to remove a Relic watch battery, some batteries contain a perchlorate material, requiring special handling.

  4. Clean the inside battery casing. Use the fiberglass scratch brush to lightly clean the inside of the watch prior to inserting new watch battery to prevent loose particles from being trapped in watch. Clean case back with polishing cloth to remove dust or particles. Insert replacement watch battery and turn the watch over to check the watch is working.

  5. Reinstall case back. Place case back on the back of watch and align threads. Using fingers slowly turn case back clockwise to ensure threads lined up to prevent stripping threads and tighten. Align case wrench and slowly turn in a clockwise motion until completely tightened.

Tip: Certain Relic watch models have an o-ring or a pressured seal to prevent particles and precipitation. Additional tools or professional assistance may be required.

Warning: Removing the case back on the Relic watch to change the watch battery may void the manufacturer's warranty.

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