How To Change Ribbon Cable On Nokia 6288

There are many reasons to learn how to change ribbon cable on Nokia 6288. The most common reason to learn how to change ribbon cable on Nokia 6288 is when replacing the LCD screen or another component connect with a ribbon cable. Once the Nokia 6288 is disassembled and you have located the ribbon cable you need to change in your Nokia 6288 the process is very simple.

Tools required:

  • Small flat-head screwdriver
  1. Power down the Nokia 6288. Turn off your Nokia 6288. Remove the battery from your Nokia 6288. The battery is located under the back cover of the Nokia 6288 and will pop out with no tools required. Always remove the battery on the Nokia 6288 before performing any type of maintenance.
  2. Locate the ribbon cable. Locate the ribbon cable you wish to change in your Nokia 6288. The ribbon cable typically has a orange-brown color and is located between the LCD screen, keypad , and the primary circuit board.
  3. Pry the ribbon cable loose. Using the flat-head screw driver, insert it under the ribbon cable. Gently push the screw driver against the ribbon cable at a ninety degree angle creating pressure on the ribbon cable. Wiggle the cable loose, you may have to try several times. Be very careful not to damage the ribbon cable in the Nokia 6288.


  • Avoid using a Phillips-head screwdriver as the point may pierce the ribbon cable in the Nokia 6288.
  • Avoid touching circuit boards with your bare hands in the Nokia 6288.
  • If you damage the ribbon cable in the Nokia 6288, you can purchase spare ribbon cables for the Nokia 6288 on the Internet.
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