How To Change The Ringtone On A BlackBerry Curve

If you are tired of having to explain the lame factory loaded ringer on your phone, you probably need to know how to change the ringtone on your BlackBerry Curve. Good news. These step-by-step directions will help you do so.

  1. Access your BlackBerry Curve media folder. Simply hit the "menu" key (the one with the dots), scroll over to the media folder, and click your trackball.
  2. Once you are in the media folder, scroll over to "Ringtones" and hit your trackball. Here you will find all the ringtones that are on your BlackBerry Curve.
  3. Simply highlight the ringer you would like to use. Hit the "menu" key, and choose "Select As Ringtone." Now you are ready to listen to a little Jay-Z, or the artist of your choice, whenever your BlackBerry Curve rings.
  4. If you want different ringtones for specific callers, you can also do that with BlackBerry Curve. Instead of going into your media folder, access your address book. Once you are in your address book, select the person you would like to have a special ringtone for and click the trackball. Once you are looking at your contact's information, select the "menu" key.  At this point, you can set a ringtone on your BlackBerry Curve for this contact by selecting "Add Custom Ring Tone."  Simply scroll through the ringers available on your BlackBerry Curve, select the ringtone you like, and hit the "menu" key to save.  

The BlackBerry Curve gives you many ways to make the device personally yours, including the option to change the ringtone. Take advantage!



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