How To Change Rotor On Land Rover Discovery

Learn how to change your rotor on a Land Rover Discovery. Brake rotors should be changed to ensure that your Land Rover Discovery can stop safely.  Rotor changes should be timed with brake pad changes if at all possible.  Changing your rotor at the same time as your brake pads on your Land Rover Discovery will save time and money.

Here are the items which you will need to perform a Rotor change on the Land Rover Discovery:

  • Socket wrench set, rubber mallet
  • Car lift
  • New Land Rover brake rotors (can be oem factory or aftermarket rotors)
  1. Raise your Land Rover and remove the wheel.  Lift your Discovery, so that you can get to the proper area on the car.  Your factory lift can work, if you do not have your own.  Once you lift the Land Rover be sure to check your vehicle is secure before working further.  Remove the bolts which attach the wheel to the hub.
  2. Remove the brake caliper from your Land Rover Discovery.  Reach behind the caliper and unscrew the two retaining bolts.  If you wish to change your brake pads you may also do so at this point.  Be sure you support the brake caliper to reduce excess strain on the brake lines.
  3. Remove the existing brake rotor.  The rotor will most likely require physical force in order to loosen the unit.  Tap the brake rotor from behind using the rubber mallet until the rotor is free on your Land Rover.   The rotor can now be removed from the wheel hub.
  4. Install the new rotor.  The new brake rotor can be installed onto the wheel hub.  After the rotor is placed onto the wheel hub, you will need to replace the brake caliper as well.  Replace the bolts on the caliper, and then reinstall the wheel.
  5. Test the Land Rover Discovery for brake malfunctions.  After you change the rotors on both sides of the Land Rover, you will want to test the brakes.  Drive slowly in a parking lot and make sure your brakes work.  You will also need to drive gently for the next 500 miles to make sure the rotors on your Land Rover properly break in.
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