How To Change Screensaver On Mac

Want to learn about how to change the screen saver on your Mac? There are many different options available, once you know how to change the screen saver on a Mac. You can use your iPhoto library, load new screensavers or just change to one of the preloaded selections available. It isn’t difficult once you know where to go to change the screen saver on a Mac.

  1. Click the Apple in the top left corner of your screen. When the menu opens up, choose “System Preferences.” You can access a variety of settings for a Mac inside System Preferences, including those to change the screen saver.
  2. Under the “Personal” heading, choose “Desktop & Screen Saver.” There are two tabs at the top of the window; choose the “Screen Saver” one to bring up the settings. The “Desktop” tab allows you to change your wallpaper, as well as other desktop settings.
  3. Pick your options for your screen saver. The menu to the left will have any installed screensavers, including ones that were included with your Mac operating system. You can change the picture to a preloaded one, or choose your Photo Library to see your own pictures.
  4. Change options for the screen savers below the preview window on the right. Click the options button to make any changes. For pictures, a trio of buttons appears on the left beneath the preview. You can select one picture at a time, pictures falling into a pile, or a mosaic using all the pictures on your computer. Click on “Test” to preview your screen saver changes on your Mac.
  5. Select when you want your screen saver to start from the timeline using the slider. Options are from 3 minutes to never.
  6. If you just can't decide, click the “Use random screen saver” checkbox. Your Mac will select a random screen saver from the list of options every time it starts. There is another checkbox to show a clock when the screen saver starts, directly below the random screen saver option.
  7. Click the red “X” at the top left corner to close and save your screen saver changes. You can also click the back arrow at the top left to return to the System Maintenance menu.

If you still need assistance, click on the “?” in the bottom right corner for further assistance, or search the “Help” menu for additional information.


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