How To Change Screensaver On Samsung Solstice

If you are confused about how to change screensaver on Samsung Solstice, you are not alone. This problem seems to be a wide spread problem among Samsung Solstice users. The key to most frustration is that with the factory settings for the Samsung Solstice you cannot delete the default screensavers or wallpaper. User have instead of simply changing to another screensaver or wallpaper setting, they are attempting this deletion. And in some cases by doing so they are locking up their phone which can become unusable. Doing this will cause what is called "bricking" your phone. It is basically a protection script programmed into your phone which will prevent any type of removal of manufacturer's settings. It is frustrating overall due to the amount of memory it hoards, but better to low some memory space than to not be able to use your phone. Right? So try these steps to change screensaver on Samsung Solstice instead of attempting the deletion.

  1. Hit the left menu button with "Start" listed about to begin the process.
  2. Hit the left menu button to choose "More." Do this twice.
  3. Choose "Settings" by pressing the "Ok" or Menu button.
  4. Press "3" for "Display."
  5. Press "1" to choose the Home Screen display.
  6. Navigate through the list of layouts now displayed on your Samsung Solstice screen by using the up and down arrows.
  7. Choose the color scheme of your choice just as you did the layout.
  8. Choose the background also by scrolling through the list with the up and down arrows.
  9. Choose "Done" when you have completed these steps.


Solstice Manual

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