How To Change Screensaver In Windows 7 Starter

Are you looking for instructions on how to change your screensaver in Windows 7 Starter? In a couple of easy steps, you are able to change your screensaver in Microsoft Windows 7 Starter. Even if you have a different version of Windows 7, the below directions can be used to change your screensaver, as well. When you are changing your screensaver in Windows 7 Starter, you are able to choose from one of the pre-installed screensavers or you can select a screensaver that you have installed on your own.

To change your screensaver in Windows 7 Starter, you will need:

  • A computer
  • Windows 7 Starter
  1. Screensaver Settings. You will need to access your control panel in order to change your screensaver in Windows 7 Starter. You can access your control panel by clicking on the Start button and then selecting Control Panel. When your control panel opens, you will notice a dialog box. To change your screensaver in Windows 7 Starter, type screen saver into the search box. When your screensaver settings load, click on Change screen saver.
  2. Changing Your Screensaver. When you clicked on Change screen saver in Windows 7 Starter, a Screen saver dialog box should have appeared on your screen. To change your screensaver in Windows 7 Starter, select a screensaver from the dialog box and click on OK.


  • If you aren't sure if you will like how a certain screensaver looks, click on the Preview button to begin a screen saver preview in Windows 7 Starter.



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