How To Change Screensaver In Windows 7

Need to know how to change the screensaver in Windows 7? Once you've gotten comfortable with your new PC and decide that you want to change its look and feel, one of the first things you'll want to know is how to change the screensaver in Windows 7. Screensavers are a great way to prevent your monitor from sustaining damage when it is turned on but not in use for long periods of time; plus they can lock out unauthorized users from accessing your computer while you're gone. The following guide will show you how to customize your new computer to your tastes.

  1. The first method of changing your screensaver is the Windows desktop method. Do a right mouse button click on the Windows 7 desktop to view an options menu. If you're using a laptop, right click the mousepad to bring up the menu. There should be a “Personalize” option at the bottom of the menu.

  2. Click on the “Personalize” option. After clicking the "Personalize" option, the window that subsequently pops up will be called “Control Panel Home.” It should have a monitor icon labeled “Screen Saver” at the bottom right.

  3. Click on “Screen Saver.” Once you have done this you will see a “Screen Saver Settings” window. There, you can change your Windows 7 screensaver settings to whichever screensaver you like best.

  4. Click “Apply” to utilize your selection. The final step after applying your new screensaver in Windows 7 is to click the “OK” button to exit.

  5. Another way to change your screensaver in Windows 7 is the search method. Click on the Windows menu icon on the lower left edge of your screen. There will be a text box directly above your mouse cursor when the menu pops up.

  6. Type in “screensaver” in the textbox and hit the enter or return key. The “Screen Saver Settings” window will appear.

  7. Follow steps three and four from the method above. This is the same window that would appear in the Windows desktop method; from here, you can change your screensaver settings. Click “Apply” to employ your new screensaver in Windows 7.

Tip: if you are using Windows 7 Home Basic or Starter edition, you may not be able to change the screensaver in Windows 7 using the Windows desktop method.

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