How To Change Starter On 1987 Volkswagen Jetta

Learn how to change the starter on 1987 Volkswagen Jetta in this article. If you are having trouble starting your 1987 VW Jetta, chances are you have a starter problem. The starter is an electronic motor that turns the flywheel of the vehicle when you turn the ignition, starting the combustion process. If the starter stops working the engine will not respond when you turn the key. Follow these easy steps to change the starter on your 1987 Volkswagen.

To change the starter on 1987 Volkswagen Jetta, you will need:

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • New 1987 Volkswagen Jetta starter
  1. Open the engine compartment and disconnect the battery cables. Lift the front of the Jetta up with a hydraulic jack and put jack stands on the jack points behind the front wheels and tires.
  2. Remove the bolts that secure the intake manifold to the engine with a wrench. Remove the intake manifold.
  3. Remove the bolts that secure the exhaust manifold to the engine with a wrench. Remove the exhaust manifold.
  4. Locate the starter under the engine and disconnect all cables attached to it by removing the bolts and then unhooking the cables. Note how the cables attach to the starter for future reference.
  5. Remove the two bolts mounting the starter to the engine using a wrench. The starter should be free. Remove the starter.
  6. Purchase a new starter or have the old starter repaired. Note that you can often recycle the old starter for credit towards a new unit. Ensure that you obtain a unit specifically designed to fit a 1987 Volkswagen Jetta vehicle.
  7. Replace the starter and secure it with the two mounting bolts that you removed. Ensure that the teeth on the starter gear line up correctly with the teeth on the engine flywheel.
  8. Reconnect the electrical cables to the starter. Be sure not to over tighten the bolts as not to damage the electrical cables.
  9. Replace the intake manifold and exhaust manifold, tightening the bolts securing them in place. Reconnect the battery and lower the front end of the 1989 Volkswagen Jetta. Test your work by starting the engine.

Ensure that you follow proper safety precautions when jacking the car up. Always jack it on a level surface with the car in gear and the emergency brake activated.

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