How To Change Starter On ’97 Ford Escort

Learning how to change the starter on a '97 Ford Escort is an easy but painstaking process. To change the starter on your '97 Ford Escort, you will need to work around the motor to complete the process. A decent knowledge of cars and the location of major components in your '97 Ford Escort engine is highly recommended for this project. Basic knowledge aside, you won't need anything else particularly special to complete this project, except for some patience.

To change the starter on your '97 Ford Escort, you will need:

  • A socket set
  • Lubricating oil (for bolt removal, optional)
  • A floor jack (recommended)
  1. Prepare the vehicle. Park the vehicle on flat ground and engage the emergency break. Ensure that you have sufficient space to work. Disconnect the black, negative battery cable from your Ford Escort.
  2. Disconnect the manifold tube. Locate and disconnect the air cleaner intake manifold tube. It is very easy to disconnect, after loosening it simple tug lightly on it.
  3. Remove the top starter bolts. Using a socket, remove the exposed bolts on the top of the starter in your Ford Escort.
  4. Raise the vehicle. Safely and securely raise the vehicle using a floor jack or lift.
  5. Remove the manifold starter support. Remove the support which holds the starter in place.
  6. Unplug the starter connector. Press on the plastic tab and pull the "S" connector outward to disconnect it from the starter on your '97 Ford Escort.
  7. Locate the red wire on the starter. Locator the red battery wire on the starter. Disconnect the bolt holding the wire in place and remove it.
  8. Remove the bottom bolts. Remove the bolts on the bottom side of the starter in your '97 Ford Escort.
  9. Remove the starter. Lift the starter motor out of place. You may have to wiggle the starter motor around a bit to achieve proper clearance and lift it out of place.
  10. Set the new starter. Properly align and set the new starter motor in place. Secure the upper mounting bolts first to secure the starter motor to your Ford Escort.
  11. Reconnect the wiring. Install the "S" connector which was removed prior. Reconnect the red battery terminal wire, which was removed prior, fastening the bolt back into place.
  12. Install the upper bolts. Install the upper mounting bolts to finish securing the starter to your '97 Ford Escort.
  13. Finish up. Reconnect the air cleaner intake manifold tube. Reconnect the black negative battery cable. You have now successfully changed the starter motor on your '97 Ford Escort.

Consult your vehicle manual for help locating specific engine parts in your '97 Ford Escort. Use lubricating oil on the starter bolts if they have become hard to remove.



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