How To Change Starting Troops In Stronghold Crusader

Many new players have a hard time figuring out how to change the starting troops in “Stronghold Crusader.” The stock setup is fun and tactically sound but we would all like to mix up our ranks now and then and go for new strategies of war. If you are new to “Stronghold Crusader,” it is basically the same as the first release “Stronghold” with the exception these events unfold during the Crusades. The medieval qualities of the first release were super fun but this release is more in depth plus you get to use Arabian troops. The addition of new units definitely makes people want to change the starting troops in “Stronghold Crusader” and start experimenting. Luckily, this is really easy to do. The hard part is finding the right combinations to survive the campaigns.

  1. Solo guy.  In order to change the starting troops in “Stronghold Crusader” you must begin at the beginning. In your game menu, pull down the "Crusader" tab to choose a game. Basically 'Normal' mode is well balanced between gold and troops. These are the stock troops that can go out and start taking care of business. "Crusader" mode has better troops but less gold. You will have start gathering resources and build your troops up before attempting anything bold. 'Deathmatch' gives you a ton of gold but few loyal troops. You will have a long road to climb before you can change your stock troops into an invading army. Now go ahead and select whatever map you wish to battle on let the fun begin.
  2. Multiplayer madness. Multiplayer on “Stronghold Crusader” is what the game was made for. Building up your guys is fun but for those of us who enjoy instant gratification, multiplayer is where it is at. To change the starting troops in “Stronghold Crusader” multiplayer mode, first select "Siege" in the Multiplayer menu. One thing to remember is that only the 'Attacker' gets to change his starting troops so if you are assigned "Defender," you are stuck with stock troops. So as "Attacker," examine your starting troops by selecting the 'Advanced' tab. On the bottom you will see how many points you have to spend and can now change your starting troops in “Stronghold Crusader” for customized ones.

Tip: Not all online matches allow this and many have set up balanced troops for both sides that you cannot change. You may have to hunt around for a free for all game.

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