How To Change A Stud From A Ford Focus 2005

Your stud has broken on your car and you want to know how to change a stud from a Ford Focus 2005. Replacing a stud as soon as possible is important because it can prevent damage from pressure on other studs. A stud can easily be stripped when too much pressure is applied to the lug nuts or if the lug nuts are installed incorrectly. It will make it easier to change a stud from a Ford Focus 2005 car if you have some knowledge about cars. With the right tools, you will be able to change the stud on your Ford Focus.

 To change a stud from a Ford Focus 2005 you need:

  • jack and jack stands
  • drive air gun
  • sockets and rackets sets
  • wrench set
  • hammer
  • vice-grips
  • extra wheel bolts and wheel nuts
  • mechanics wire
  1. Jack up your Ford Focus 2005 car. Use jacks stands to support the weight of the car by the frame of the wheels once the car is jacked up.
  2. Remove the caliper. First, loosen the lug nuts with a 3/8-inch drive socket and remove the wheel. Next, remove the bolts holding the brake caliper in place. Carefully remove the caliper and hang it up with mechanics wire so the brake line does not get damaged.
  3. Remove the rotor. Loosen the hub nuts on the the Ford Focus 2005 and then remove the rotor by pulling it off the hub.
  4. Remove the stud. Look for an opening behind the stud and then line the stud up with the hole. Use a hammer to knock the stud out of the hub, and then push a new stud into the opening with a hammer or mallet on the Ford Focus 2005.
  5. Refit the rotor to the hub. Use new bolts and nuts to secure the hub onto the axle stub. Add as many bolts as needed to make sure it is tight.
  6. Reinstall the brake caliper. Make sure the pads are in there correctly and the brake line is not twisted when you line it up with the rotor. Securely tighten the caliper bolts to the correct setting.
  7. Replace the wheel. Reassemble any additional parts that you removed to replace the stud from a Ford Focus 2005. Put the wheel back on and replace and tighten all lug nuts back onto the wheel and lower your car.
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