How To Change The Time On A Nike Watch

Learning how to change the time on a Nike watch is simple. If you are not used to sports watches, it might take a few minutes to get the hang of it. Fortunately, you don’t need any tools. Also, it doesn’t really matter which variety or model of Nike sport watch you have. All Nike sport watches follow the same standard model. Whether you have the Chrono Triax Speed or the Oregon Series Compass, the following directions will ensure that you learn how to change the time on any Nike sport watch.

In order to learn how to change the time on a Nike watch, you will need the following:

  • Two hands
  • The instructions that came with the watch (in case of an emergency)
  1. Make sure the watch is facing the correct way. Put the watch on your wrist as you normally would, or pick it up by the strap with your left hand. You should see that the Nike swoosh is right side up. You should be able to read the time.
  2. Find the left side of the watch. This will be your left when the watch is facing you correctly the same way that you would look at it to read the time. You will see at least two buttons. One will be labeled “mode” and the other will be labeled “set.”
  3. Press the “mode” button. Press the “mode” button.  Continue to press the “mode” button until you have scrolled through the options and are on the correct setting. The correct setting should be “time.”
  4. Hold down the “set” button. You should see the currently set time on your watch and the hour should be flashing. You should see a plus sign (+) and a minus sign (-). If your current time says three (for example) and you want to read five, press the button that corresponds with the plus sign. If you want to go backwards, press the button that corresponds to the minus sign. When you are finished hit next.
  5. Change the minutes. Now the minutes should be flashing. Repeat step four: press the button that corresponds with the plus sign to increase the minutes. Press the button that corresponds to the minus sign to decrease the minutes. Hit “next” when you are finished.
  6. Hit “done.” Congratulations, you have now successfully set the time on your Nike watch. Now your watch should read the correct time.  If you want to get really crazy, you can repeat the steps above to change the date on your Nike watch.


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