How To Change Timing Belt On Honda Civic

It's time to change your timing belt on your car and you want to learn how to change the timing belt on a Honda Civic? On a Honda Civic, you want to make sure that you change the timing belt about every 100,000 miles. If your timing belt gets worn, if immediate attention is not given to it, it can really damage your Honda Civic. The worse case is if the timing belt brakes, this could cost into the thousands of dollars to fix. Changing the timing belt on a Honda Civic can be a little challenging, but with the right tools, and a little knowledge about cars, it is possible to change it yourself. 

To change the timing belt on a Honda Civic, you will need:

  • new timing belt
  • jack and jack stands
  • ratchet, extension and socket set
  • screw driver
  • marking pen
  • tire iron
  1. Remove the driver side wheel. Jack up the car and place the jack stands underneath to help support the weight of the Honda Civic. Remove the wheel and the black plastic shield from the driver side of the car. This will enable you to reach the crankshaft bolt.
  2. Remove the spark plugs. Use a ratchet extension to reach the spark plug cover and the spark plugs. Mark the plug cables in their location from one to four and then remove them.  Remove the spark plugs in addition to the valve cover.
  3. Remove the timing belts from the power steering pump and alternator. Loosen the pivot bolt and then the pinch bolt on the power steering pump belt. The belt can easily be removed by swinging the pump out. Repeat theses steps to remove the belt on the alternator of your Honda Civic.
  4. Remove the upper timing belt cover. Make sure a jack stand is underneath the engine and it is supported up as best as possible. Remove the engine mount on the driver side and remove the upper timing belt cover.
  5. Remove the crank pulley, Turn the crank until the number one that you marked is aimed toward the distributor rotor. This allows correct alignment to install the new timing belt. To secure the crank, remove the starter and place a screwdriver between the bell housing and the flywheel. Unscrew the crank bolt and remove the crank pulley and the Woodruff key.
  6. Remove the lower timing belt cover. First loosen the timing belt tensioner and then remove the timing belt itself.
  7. Install the new timing belt. Keep the camshaft sprocket mark at the top at all times. The crank sprocket timing mark should always remain pointed at the oil pump arrow.
  8. Put everything back into its place by reversing the above steps. Once you've put the wheel back on and lowered the Honda Civic back down, start up the car. Let the engine run for a little bit and take the car for a test drive.
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