How To Change A Tire On A Jaguar

Learning how to change a tire on a Jaguar is no different than changing the tire on a Taurus. If your Jaguar needs to have a tire changed you can do this yourself without calling a mechanic. 

Here's what you'll need.

  • Lug nut wrench and jack (these items will usually be found in the trunk of the Jaguar)
  • Store purchased jack (optional)
  • Wheel chocks (make sure the object used is not sharp)
  1. Secure the vehicle from moving.  After your vehicle is parked, make sure that your parking brake is set. Place wheel chocks on the opposite end of the wheel you are trying to take off for additional safety.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts. Your car kit will most likely contain a special nut to remove the wheels. In certain cases, there may be a special lug remover. This is used for high security lug nuts. Loosen the nuts before you raise the vehicle. This will keep the wheel from spinning you loosen the nuts.
  3. Raise the vehicle.  Place the vehicle lift under the specified jacking points (check your manual). If you have an aftermarket model, this will be helpful. Aftermarket models are hydraulically activated . Hydraulic jacks will life the vehicle much faster with less strain on your body.   
  4. Remove the lug nuts. Fully remove all the lug nuts which you previously loosed, and take off the old wheel. The wheel may need to be gently tapped, if corrosion prevents the wheel from easily coming off. 
  5. Place the new wheel on the car. If the previous tire was flat on your Jaguar, you may have to first raise the vehicle slightly higher. 
  6. Tighten the new wheel. Re-torque the wheel, using the original locking nuts. Lower the vehicle, and you should be all set to drive.

Tips: When you are placing the lug nuts on the vehicle, make sure you tighten them in an opposite pattern. Do not tighten them one next to another, but instead tighten opposite nuts first. After driving for a few miles, you may want to check the torque on the nuts. Your Jaguar manual will tell you how much torque should be needed.

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