How to Change a Tire

Every guy needs to know how to change a tire. There is nothing more embarrassing than having to call AAA to fix your flat tire. You should also know how to change a tire to help out any damsels in distress you see on the side of the road. Before you learn the mechanics of how to change a tire, it is important to learn what supplies you should keep in your car:

  • Car Jack
  • Spare Tire
  • Cross Wrench

These supplies should be in your car at all times, you never know when you will get a flat tire. Once you have all these supplies gathered, it is time to learn how to change a tire:

  1. Get on flat ground. If you need to know how to change a tire, you probably have a flat. Once you get a flat tire, find a place away from traffic on flat ground to change your tire. Parking lots are ideal, but if your only option is the side of the road remember to turn on your hazard lights. Safety is the most important part of knowing how to change a tire.
  2. Place car jack. If the car jack is placed incorrectly you will damage the body of your car. Newer cars usually have a small notch by the wheel wells indicating where to place the jack. Avoid putting the jack on any plastic components.
  3. Raise car jack slightly. When you raise the jack check to see if any damage is being caused to your car. If there is any damage lower the car immediately and adjust the position of the jack. Make sure you don't raise the car off the ground, otherwise the tire will spin when you are trying to remove it and make things more difficult.
  4. Remove the hubcap and nuts from the tire. Remove the hubcap from the tire and use the cross wrench to remove the nuts by turning counterclockwise.
  5. Remove flat tire. This is quite possibly the most self explanatory part in learning how to change a tire. When the tire is removed place it in the compartment where your spare tire was held so you can properly dispose of it later.
  6. Put on new tire. Once the old tire is removed put the new tire on. Tighten the nuts by turning them clockwise with the cross wrench. Do not replace the hubcap yet.
  7. Lower the jack. Lower the car down to the ground and then finish tightening the nuts. Get the nuts screwed on as tightly as possible. Once they are on tightly you can put the hubcap back on. 
  8. Put your tools away. Congratulations, you have learned how to change a tire. You are now ready to go out and rescue damsels in distress and teach your less manly friends how to change a tire of their own.
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