How to Change Toyota Corolla Headlight

Need to know how to change Toyota Corolla headlight. You noticed it has burned out and you do not want the police to give you a ticket. The headlight on a Toyota Corolla is easy to change. You have to make sure you buy the correct replacement bulb. You have to follow all directions to change your Toyota Corolla headlight correctly.


Things you will need to change Toyota Corolla headlight :

  • Replacement light bulb
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers if needed
  1. You need to buy the replacement bulb for your Toyota Corolla headlight. You can buy the replacement bulb from Toyota, a parts store, or online. The choice is yours. When you have purchased your new headlight replacement bulbs, you are ready to change your Toyota Corolla headlight.
  2. Unlatch the hood of your Toyota Corolla. Connect the safety latch to keep the hood up. Disconnect the power cable that goes to the headlamp.
  3. Remove the clip on the outside of the headlamp with a screwdriver or pair of needle nose pliers. Once you have removed the clip, you can remove the light bulb from inside of the headlamp.
  4. Remove the light bulb from the inside of the headlamp. Remove the light bulb with your hand. Do this by turning the light bulb counter clockwise until it screws out. It actually wiggles out. Three tabs secure the light bulb. The light bulb has to match up with these tabs to pull out. Once you removed the old light bulb, you are ready to replace it with a new light bulb.
  5. Take the new light bulb and replace it. Line it up with the three tabs, than turn the light bulb clockwise. It will secure itself into place. Once the light bulb is secured, reconnect the clip on the outside of the headlamp. Reconnect the power cable to the headlamp. You are finished changing your Toyota Corolla Headlight.
  6. Turn on the headlights of your car and make sure the new head light works.



  • Do not touch the glass bulb of the new headlight
  • Follow directions closely
  • Buy the correct replacement light bulb for your car
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