How To Change Transmission Fluid In 2007 Nissan Quest

Learning how to change transmission fluid in a 2007 Nissan Quest can save you a few dollars in mechanic bills. It is important to change the transmission fluid in 2007 Nissan Quest every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. Transmission fluid keeps the transmission in the 2007 Nissan Quest properly cooled. Properly cooled transmissions last much longer than a poorly maintained transmission and have an average life expectancy of 120,000 miles plus. Learning how to change transmission fluid in 2007 Nissan Quest is not too difficult however it will require basic knowledge of your 2007 Nissan Quest and where to locate key elements such as the radiator tubing and the transmission.

Tools required:

  • Socket set
  • Drain pan (An empty milk container works too)


  1. Drain the transmission fluid. Ensure the car is in parked properly with emergency brake set. Disconnect the coolant line running from the radiator to the transmission. Place the free end of the line into the drain pan and secure something solid to the line. The line must be secure so it does not move while the transmission fluid is draining. Taping a wood splint or another piece of sturdy tubing to the line works well. Start the vehicle and the transmission fluid will begin to drain, allow this continue until all the fluid has drained into the drain pan, turn off the engine.
  2. Reconnect coolant line. Remove the drain pan and reconnect the coolant line in a secure fashion. Set the old transmission fluid aside, dispose of it properly at a recycling center when finished changing the transmission fluid in 2007 Nissan Quest.
  3. Remove the drain pan on the transmission and clean it. Locate the transmission the underside of your 2007 Nissan Quest, slightly farther back than the main engine bay. Remove the drain pan connected to the underside of the transmission, held in place by bolts. Carefully clean this drain pan with transmission fluid and remove any built up sludge or metal shavings.
  4. Replace the filter. Replace the transmission fluid filter. These cannot be reused or cleaned, it will be necessary to completely replace the filter with a new filter for your 2007 Nissan Quest.
  5. Replace the drain pan. Replace the drain pan you removed in step three.
  6. Refill the transmission fluid. Refill the transmission fluid in your 2007 Nissan Quest. Check the owner's manual for more specific information on this process. The manual for the 2007 Nissan Quest says the transmission fluid capacity is "5 A/T 7.4 L (7 7/8 US qt. 6 1/2 Imp qt)." The manual further states to use Genuine Nissan Matic "K" automatic transmission fluid (Canada Nissan Automatic Transmission Fluid) and then it states "Using Automatic Transmission fluid other than Genuine Nissan ATF will cause deterioration in driveability and automatic transmission durability, and may damage the automatic transmission, which is not covered by the NISSAN new vehicle limited warranty."

Tips: To purchase the proper transmission fluid, visit a local automotive store or Nissan dealer. If you are not comfortable changing transmission fluid in 2007 Nissan Quest you can take it to the Nissan dealership and they will change it. Always check the transmission fluid level before changing it to ensure you need to change it. Properly dispose of old transmission fluid from 2007 Nissan Quest by recycling it.

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