How To Change Turbotax Programs

Learn how to change Turbotax programs with these simple guidelines. Changing TurboTax is not that difficult and can save you money on a downgrade. When upgrading TurboTax there are fees involved. No matter which way you choose to change TurboTax programs, TurboTox will guide you through the process with their many pop-up screens.

  1. When choosing to downgrade TurboTax, keep in mind some simple things. All tax payers who choose to downgrade TurboTax programs must first end the schedule they are working on and sign in as a different user.
  2. From the home menu, sign in as a different user with a new password. TurboTax will notify you by email that you have been accepted and how to start your income tax program.
  3. When changing TurboTax programs to a downgrade, keep in mind that the downgrade will cause all prior years programs to disappear and will no longer be associated with your name or record. It is good to print and copy all prior years' taxes before downgrading TurboTax programs.
  4. When choosing a free program such as the “Tax Freedom” or the regular free 1040 program, the taxpayer must fit into the qualifications. You may be charged if your income exceeds the guidelines.
  5. Upgrading a TurboTax program is much easier to do and there will be a charge involved which you may not be informed of when changing the TurboTax program.  When TurboTax software notes from your calculations, that you would be better up with an upgrade, you will be prompted or asked to upgrade the tax program.
  6. When upgrading your TurboTax program, no loss of records will occur and are automatically saved.  The pop up screens will show the benefits of upgrading to a better program.  Once you have upgraded, you cannot downgrade again.
  7. If you upgrade by accident, you can rectify the situation on the contact us page.  By selecting the other option and then selecting the help option, your request will be handled in a timely manner.  According to TurboTax this is the quickest solution. Learning how to change TurboTax programs is easier than you thought or imagined.
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