How To Change Twitter Background

Those uninspired by the default Twitter appearance should learn how to change Twitter background. Twitter allows its users to personalize their backgrounds to appear more professional, appealing or festive. These simple suggestions will guide you through the process to change your Twitter background:

  1. Access the Design menu to change your background. Sign in to Twitter's home page, select Settings from the menu, and then select the Design option. This page will allow you to alter the appearance of your Twitter background. 
  2. Select from the simple Twitter-provided background themes. Twitter provides a number of basic themes to choose from. If you simply desire a change, the themes offered may be suitable for your needs. Select the theme you wish to add to your background and click "Save Changes."
  3. Upload your own photo. Images must be under 800k, be GIF, JPG or PNG format and comply with Twitter's content policies. To use your own image from the Design page, click Change Background Image, then Browse to select a file to upload from your computer. You will be given the option to use a Tile background, or to go without a background image.
  4. Utilize Themeleon for more advanced backgrounds. On the Design page, Twitter offers a link to design your own background using Themeleon. Themeleon allows you to create more advanced themes by customizing colors, patterns and uploaded images.
  5. Find a third-party background to link with Twitter. Many third-party websites offer pre-designed backgrounds specifically for Twitter. To use this option, the site offering the design will require you to link your Twitter account to their site in order to change your background.

Use caution when linking Twitter to a third-party website, as you must enter your Twitter password to do so. This could make your Twitter account more vulnerable to hacking or spam.



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