How To Change Warcraft 3 CD Key

In order to play the "Warcraft 3" game you have to install a CD key, and you have the option of being able to change "Warcraft 3" CD key. The CD key works somewhat like an authorization device that confirms your purchase. It lets Blizzard know that you did in fact pay for the game. Since the addition of most of the things regarding Warcraft can be done through your account, but to change your CD all you need is the original game and a new Warcraft 3 CD key.

  1. One of the best ways to change your "Warcraft 3" CD key is to buy a new one. You can purchase one from an auction site or by purchasing the whole game again. This will give you a brand new "Warcraft 3" CD key.
  2. To change CD key you need to uninstall your Warcraft game and then install it again this time using your new key. To uninstall "Warcraft 3" open the control panel on your computer by going to "start" and selecting "control panel". Go to where it says "add/remove programs" and scroll down the list until you see Warcraft. Highlight "Warcraft" and select "uninstall" this will remove the game from your computer. Now you can reinstall the game. Put the game CD into your computer and wait fro the game's setup menu to appear. Click the "next button" and it should now ask for your new CD key. Enter this new key and select "next". Once you have reached the end of the setup click "finish" and you now can play "Warcraft 3" with your new "Warcraft 3" Cd key.
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