How To Change A Watch Band

Your watch band just broke and you want to know how to change a watch band? You will save money by changing a watch band yourself instead of taking it to a Jeweler to get it done. Watch bands are very durable but overtime and with some wear and tear, they can eventually break. Another reason one might want to change a watch band is to give it a different look. No mater your reason for wanting to change your watch band it can be done easily by following a few steps.

To change a watch band you need:

  • new watch band
  • Jeweler's screwdriver
  • lint free cloth
  1. Determine how your watch band is attached.  Examine your current watchband carefully to see how it is connected. Most watches have pins that work like tension rods.
  2. Place your watch on a cloth. This will prevent it from being scratched
  3. Remove the watch pins. Push down on the watch pins on either side towards the band with the Jeweler's screwdriver. Be careful not to scratch or damage your watch. Continue to push down until the pins are completely removed from the watch. Put the pins in a safe place.
  4. Remove the watch band. Gently pull your watch band away from the face of the watch until it is completely unattached.
  5. Replace a new watch band. Put the new watch band into its proper place. Insert the pins into the pinhole on your new watch band. Use your Jeweler's screwdriver to push the pins securely into the watchband. The pins will snap into place when they are inserted properly.  Repeat these steps to the other side of your watch and enjoy your new watch band.
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