How To Change Wheel Hub On Land Rover Discovery

Fix a common problem and learn how to change wheel hubs on a Land Rover Discovery. This common problem with the Land Rover Discovery is the need to change the wheel hub. The wheel bearings take huge stress and if you hear any grinding or groaning noises when you are driving, chances are it is the wheel hub that needs to be replaced.

You will need the following

  • Floor jack
  • Axle stands
  • Socket wrench and socket set
  • Pliers
  • Breaker bar
  • Tire iron
  • New cotter pin


  1. First of all, loosen the wheel lug nuts using the tire iron a full turn. Raise the vehicle with the floor jack and fit the axle stands so that the vehicle is secure and centered.
  2. Remove the road wheel covering the offending wheel hub. Remove the cotter pin which is in the center of the axle nut. Use a socket wrench and a breaker bar to remove the center hub nut. The nut is torqued to a very high rating and if you struggle, an impact wrench might be useful.
  3. Use the jack to support the lower control arm and then remove the control arm bolts. Continue to remove the bolts holding the upper control arm bolts and the tie road ends.
  4. The hub unit should slide out of the transfer box in a perfectly straight line as there are splines on the axle stub. Make sure you catch any oil which drips out. Check the condition of the rubber boots on the drive shaft and the inner tire to see if the worn hub has caused excessive tire wear.
  5. Slide in the new hub assembly into the transfer box and make sure it goes all of the way in. Refit all of the parts you have just removed. Make sure the hub nut is torqued up to 192 ft/lbs. Fit a new cotter pin and refit the road wheel. Tighten the lug nuts, lower the vehicle and re-tighten the lug nuts again to complete the job.
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