How To Change The Wheels On Roller Hockey Skates

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to change the wheels on roller hockey skates. There are a variety of reasons why the wheels on these skates may need to be changed, including damage to the wheels or simply the desire for a new look. No matter why you want to change the wheels on your roller hockey skates, with a little bit of skill and time, you'll have new wheels. Your skates will look like new in no time at all!

  1. Use an adjustable wrench to carefully grasp the bolt that runs through the center of each wheel. An Allen wrench will help you to turn the other end of the bolt. Once the bolt has been freed, carefully remove the wheel. Make sure that no plastic spacers that typically rest beside each wheel are lost in the process. Repeat this process for all other wheels.
  2. Look for the wheel bearings in your new set of wheels. These can be identified as silver disks in the center of each wheel.
  3. Carefully slide the wheels into place on the new roller hockey skates. Place a wheel bolt through the center of each wheel, and tighten with the use of both an adjustable and Allen wrench. Test the wheel. Make sure that it spins freely and is securely fastened. If the wheel does not spin freely or feels loose, remove the wheel and start the process over from step one. Test the skates to ensure that they are working properly.



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