How To Change Windows Movie Maker Video Bit Rate

Learn how to change the Windows Movie Maker video bitrate simply by clicking through a few options. Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing system available for owners of a Windows operating system. Adjust the bit rate of your videos to alter the quality or change the file size.

  1. Open the Windows Movie Maker program. Choose New Project, Import File, or open a saved project.
  2. If you chose to capture from the video device, use the Video Capture Wizard to adjust the bit rate. You have a few options such as best quality for playback on your computer, digital device format, or other settings. Click each setting to see the bit rate and file size change in the setting details box below.
  3. If you opened a saved project or imported a file, save as a movie file. You will be given the option to change the quality.
  4. Better quality settings, such as DV-AVI, provide the highest bit rates with a larger file size. Lower quality settings, such as videos for dial-up, have the lowest bit rates. Choose the bit rate that works best for you, and finish the Wizard.

Windows Movie Maker does not allow individual file quality changes on its own. This can be a drawback to some users, who may want to alter the video size, frame rate, and bit rate separately. To fix this, download Windows Media Profile Editor to create custom settings in Movie Maker. This may be the best choice if you plan to make many videos and want them to be consistent in quality.

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