How To Change Wiper Blades On Honda Civic

Learning how to change wiper blades on a Honda Civic is, fortunately, quite simple.  There are a few basic steps that apply to almost every car.  Knowing how to change wiper blades is very important for your safety.  Driving becomes very dangerous in the rain, especially if your wiper blades aren't helping you to see.

  1. Buy the correct size wiper blades.  The Honda Civic's wiper blade size varies based on year, make and model.  You can find out your windshield wiper blade size by searching the Internet, or by visiting your local auto parts store.  They can look up the correct size for you to buy when you change wiper blades.  Remember that, in the Honda Civic, the driver and passenger side blades are generally different sizes, so be sure to get the correct driver sized blade and passenger sized blade.
  2. Remove the old wiper blade.  In order to remove the old windshield wiper blade from your Honda Civic, you will have to begin by lifting the wiper arm.  To do so, stand on the driver side of your Civic, reach the driver side wiper arm and lift up directly towards you.  The wiper arm should life up easily.  Do not use unnecessary force with the blades or arms or you will risk breaking or damaging them.  Now the wiper arm should be at an approximately 90 degree angle.  Grab the wiper blade and and angle it away from the Honda.  The wiper blade is attached to the arm by a J-shaped hook that you should be able to easily locate.  You will have to slide the wiper blade out and around the hook on the wiper arm.  On most Civics, it should be quite simple.
  3. Attach the new wiper blade.  Now it's time to attach the new wiper blade to the arm.  The new blade will slide on, just like the old blade slid off.  It's important to make sure that the new wiper blade is firmly attached to the arm.  Push down until you hear a click, letting you know that the wiper blade is fully attached.  If the blade is not attached properly, the blade could come off while in use and cause damage to your windshield.  After the new wiper blade is attached to the wiper arm, you can lay the arm back down flat onto the Honda Civic.
  4. Repeat on the passenger side.  The motions are exactly the same to change wiper blades on the passenger side of the car.  Just be sure that you are putting the correct size in the correct place.
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