How To Change Wiper Blades On Nissan Altima

Your wiper blades are not doing their job in the rain anymore and you need to know how to change wiper blades on a Nissan Altima. When wiper blades start to go bad sometimes they actually seem to make your window worse. They leave huge smear marks, and at times spread the rain more than it clears it up. You want to be as safe as possible while driving on the road, so you need to always make sure that your wiper blades are in good working conditions. It is very easy and only takes a few minuets to change wiper blades on a Nissan Altima.

Top change wiper blades on a Nissan Altima you need:

  • new Nissan Altima wiper blades
  1. Pull the wiper arms up away from the windshield. The wiper blades should be standing straight up away from the window on your Nissan Altima.
  2. Slide out the wiper blade. Press and hold the tab release on the wiper arm until the blade becomes free. Slide the old wiper blade down out of the wiper arm. Discard the old blade, once removed. Repeat this process on the other wiper arm.
  3. Insert the new wiper blades. Slide the new wiper blade along the track of the wiper arm on your Nissan Altima. You will hear a "click" sound when the new blade is locked into place. Repeat on the other wiper.
  4. Put the wiper arms back into position on the windshield.  Check to make sure the wipers blades are properly installed by using the fluid sprayer. Make sure that the wiper blades wipe the window completely clean on your Nissan Altima. If needed, go back and double check the wiper blade installation.
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