How To Change Your Age On ITunes

Knowing how to change your age on iTunes can be useful for those who have mistakenly entered it incorrectly. iTunes has a restriction on many things that are in the App Store. Changing your age on iTunes can unlock a variety of options, so long as you obey the law. Want your age on iTunes to reflect your actual age? Read on, then.

Change your age on iTunes with these:

  • The iTunes program for your PC/Mac
  • A computer with either Windows or Macintosh software
  1. Open up iTunes. The shortcut for your iTunes could be on the quicklaunch toolbar on the lower left-side of the screen, on the desktop, or in the Programs folder. Check them and double click to open the application.
  2. Visit and start a new account. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of frauds concerning age on the Internet, the ability to change your age on iTunes with the same account isn't there. Click on the register button after downloading a new iTunes application (which you can simply discard immediately after registration).
  3. Enter the appropriate year, month, and day of birth. Do not lie, as there have been numerous cases concerning Internet fraud prosecuted in the last decade. An accurate birthday will enable you to download all the apps, tunes, and videos you need for your iTunes. Your age on iTunes, after all, is very trackable.
  4. Restart iTunes. Your age on iTunes will be reset when the application restarts itself. If the program asks which account you wish to use, pick the one with the one where your age on iTunes is correct.

It isn't difficult to change your age on iTunes. However, when dealing with your age on iTunes, always report the correct numbers to Apple. If your age on iTunes is incorrect, and you download inappropriate material for your maturity level, expect prosecution.

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