How To Change Your Crest On Stronghold 2

Knowing how to change your crest on "Stronghold 2" is a lot easier than you might think. "Stronghold 2" is a computer game that is set in the middle ages. This computer game is published by Firefly Studios and can be played in a single player or multiplayer mode. There are several ways you can vary the options of "Stronghold 2." For example, the character you control has a crest on his shield. If you would like to change this crest, then "Stronghold 2" offers that option.

To complete this task, you’ll need:

  • Computer
  • "Stronghold 2"
  1. Click your “Start” menu. Once your click the “Start” menu, find the search box located on the bottom of the menu.
  2. Search for “Firefly Studios.” Firefly Studios is the company that publishes the "Stronghold 2" computer game. Type this into the search box and hit “Enter.”
  3. Go through the search results carefully. At this point, you should see a folder labeled “Firefly Studios” that has a folder labeled “Stronghold 2” inside. Click the “Firefly Studios” folder and then the “Stronghold 2” folder.
  4. Scroll through the contents of the “Stronghold 2” folder. Find the folder labeled “Crests” and click on it. Inside you will see various crest options that you can choose for your shield in the "Stronghold 2" game. The crest files will be saved as .PNG files.
  5. Preview the crests. To see what the crests look like before you choose one, right click a crest. Then, select the “preview” option. This will allow you to preview each crest and make a better decision about which one you want for your shield.
  6. Select the crest you want. Highlight the crest and press “Enter.” This will change your crest on "Stronghold 2" to the one you chose.
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