How To Change Your iPhone Backup Password

How to change your iPhone backup password is easier than you think. Since your iPhone backup contains all of your private information as well as your applications, a strong password is warranted. It is also advisable to change your password every few months, thus increasing your data's level of security. Once you learn how to change your iPhone backup password, you'll be able to easily do so in future and even teach your friends. 

in order to change your iPhone backup password you will need:

  • Your iPhone
  • A USB data cable
  • A computer with internet access
  • The latest version of Apple's iTune


  1. Start your computer. Start your computer and log in. If your computer is password protected, supply the password and go to the desktop. Wait for a moment to allow background service to start properly.
  2. Connect iPhone. Take the USB cable that came with your iPhone and connect it to a free USB port on the computer. Connect the other end to your iPhone. Your computer will automatically detect the iPhone and install any needed drivers.
  3. Open iTunes. Open Apple's iTunes application which is used to manage your iPhone. To start the iTune application, click on Start, All Programs, then look for a folder called "iTunes" and click on it. Once the folder opens, click on the "iTunes" icon to start the application.
  4. Locate phone in iTunes. Look at the left hand column and look for "Devices." Locate your iPhone, which will appear as the name you gave it, for example "My Phone."
  5. Open iPhone settings page. Click on your phone's name, for example "My Phone" and notice that the screen is now displaying information about your iPhone, such as version number and serial number. You are now at the point where you can see how to change your iPhone backup password.
  6. Change iPhone password. Location the "Options" section in the iPhone setting page. It will be on the lower part of the main page. Click on "Change password" and a change password dialog will pop-up. Enter the old password and then enter the new password.  Notice that the "change password" button is now available and click on it to change your iPhone backup password.
  7. Password is now changed. Congratulations! you have learned how to change your iPhone backup password. For best level of protection, change your password every 90 days. Do not share your password with others. If you mention it by mistake, promptly change your iPhone backup password.
  8. What if "change password" is grayed out? If it isn't there, which means a password isn't set yet, add a check mark next to 'Encrypt iPhone backup' and a 'Set password' dialog will appear. enter your password and iTune will protect the data with your new password. Next time you want to change your password, simply refer to step 6.
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