How To Change Your Lord In Stronghold 2

If you're a serious gamer, you may have wondered how to change your lord in “Stronghold 2”. In the game, enemies are often more colorful, plus after you play through the whole game, you may grow tired of Matthew's swarthy, pretty boy looks. Other lords like The Hammer are much more animated, angry and cool looking. For a gender bending experience, why not make war as a woman? Lady Seren (or The Lamb) is cool, collected and incredibly vicious looking. You can change your lord in “Stronghold 2” for silly solo campaigning, but this will not work online. Also, not all events are compatible when you change your lord, so do not be surprised if the animations at the feast are screwy looking.

  1. Back it up. To change your lord in “Stronghold 2” you will be messing with source files, so the golden rule is to back up everything you touch. The file we will be replacing is obviously going to be Matthew Steele's data. To play “Stronghold 2” online, you will need the unaltered version, so even if you are lazy and playing a pirated version of the game, back it up!  
  2. Where to find the lords and ladies. When you are ready to do a little reprogramming to change your lord in “Stronghold 2”, open a Windows Explorer window. Find your “Stronghold 2” files. Unless you customized with the installation process, nine times out of ten you will them in '/FireFly Studios/Stronghold 2/meshes/units/'. In this folder you will find a list of the lords. The 'lord.uni' file is Mathew Steele's information and the one you should make a copy of to preserve the character for online play.  
  3. How to do it. Now that you know where lord files are, you can start the process to change your lord in “Stronghold 2”. See the lord list? Pick a favorite like oh maybe the crude and Nordic bully Olaf and get ready for some fun. All you need to do is open the lord file in a text editor, copy and paste it into a new file. Now name this file 'lord.uni' to replace the Matthew Steele file and you are done.
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